The ICC’s 18 judges are elected by the Assembly of States Parties for their qualifications, impartiality and integrity. They ensure fair trials and render decisions, but also issue arrest warrants or summonses to appear, authorize victims to participate, order witness protection measures, and more. They also elect the ICC President and two Vice-Presidents, who head the Court. Find out more about how we work

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Who is involved in situation or case?

  • Authorise the Prosecutor to open investigation proprio motu
  • Issue arrest warrants or summonses to appeal
  • Decide if there is enough evidence for a case to go to trial
  • Preserve evidence, protect suspects, and safeguard information affecting national security
  • Guarantee the rights of all persons during the investigation phase, including suspects, victims and witnesses
  • Grant protection measures for victims and witnesses

  • Conduct fair trials
  • Decide if there is enough evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused is guilty as charged
  • Sentence those found guilty, and pronounce the sentence in public
  • Order reparation to victims, including restitution, compensation and rehabilitation

Judges continuing in office to complete their trials

  • Handle appeals received from or filed by convicted persons, the Prosecutor, legal representatives of the victims or bona fide owners of property adversely affected by Court decisions
  • Reverse or amend the decision on conviction or sentence and order a new trial before a different Trial Chamber
  • Revise the final judgement of conviction or the sentence
  • Hear appeals on a Pre-Trial decision on jurisdiction and admissibility

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