ICC content style guide

Overview - Writing for the ICC

The new ICC website aims to serve existing users better as well as to attract and engage a wider audience about the importance of the ICC and the effects of its work.

The following guidance will help us achieve these aims and make information on the ICC website clear and easy to understand.

Start with user needs

The most important personas for the ICC website are: international journalist, national journalist (situation country), academic/lawyer, NGO legal officer, diplomat. Don't think about audiences though, think about activities. Find out more about the needs and frustrations of these users by reviewing the personas.

Active voice

Use the active voice rather than passive voice whenever possible.

Be concise

Clarity at all costs

Don’t be stuffy

Don't duplicate information

Avoid including chunks of text when that text has been published elsewhere on the site. For example, refer to an article in the Rome Statute and link to the article rather than including the article in the text.

In practice, there will always be a balance between providing context and explanation and linking to a reference, but the idea is to cut down the amount of text (c.f. current ICC site) and to avoid repetition across the site.

Think beyond text

Talk to PIDS if you think a certain section can be better communicated as a graph, image or video. We can delete entire paragraphs of texts with effective visuals.